Open Letter to SA Foreign Minister Dr Naledi Pandor: Asante Sana for your commitment to practical interventions – ZTB13

President Ramaphosa meets Advocate Chamisa

I write to associate myself with Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s tweet welcoming South Africa and SADC’s mediation in Zimbabwe and his plea for a specific practical solution to set up a donor fund to address the crisis in Zimbabwe’s health sector.

Exactly two years ago to this day, on 19th November 2017, President Robert Mugabe finished his very last address to Zimbabwe and the world with the words “Iwe neni tine basa. Asante sana”. I wish to echo President Mugabe’s words and say “Asante sana”, thank you very much to you for convening the Zimbabwe Symposium and committing to practical action.

Your commitment to practical action is in line with President Mugabe’s exhortation of “Iwe neni tine basa”. That statement is literally translated in two ways to mean “you and I have a responsibility” and to mean “you and I are valuable”. I have always understood this liberation struggle exhortation as a combination of both meanings that calls everyone to action by emphasising our responsibility and value; a responsibility and value that is both individual and collective.

Similar to how Advocate Chamisa feels, I am also heartened by your correct diagnosis that the major problem in Zimbabwe is toxic politics. As an individual that has always been on the opposite side of the political divide from Advocate Chamisa, I am duty bound and obligated to demonstrate practical action by joining myself to Advocate Chamisa’s pleas for a “practical solution” to Zimbabwe’s current health crisis.

Honourable Minister, Zimbabwe, SADC and indeed Africa is endowed with illustrious sons and daughters who require the leadership that you and your government have demonstrated to assist us, as Zimbabweans, to go beyond our toxic politics and work together to stem the silent genocide in Zimbabwe’s health sector. By you and ayour government taking on board Advocate Chamisa’s specific suggestion, other non-political actors will feel emboldened to assist You will have innoculated Zimbabwe’s illustrious sons and daughters such as businessman Strive Masiyiwa,  actress Danai Gurira, footballer Marvelous Nakamba from Zimbabwe’s toxic politics which is stopping citizens from taking responsibility and demonstrating their value to Zimbabwe.

Asante Sana. Iwe Neni Tine Basa. Umsebenzi lo Umkhulu.

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