Patrick Zhuwao supports Nelson Chamisa’s claim to be President as validated by Jonathan Moyo’s Excelgate – ZTB14

I, Patrick Zhuwao, support the submission made in Professor Jonathan Moyo’s forthcoming Excelgate book that 66% of Zimbabwean voters elected Advocate Nelson Chamisa to be President of Zimbabwe in the 2018 elections. I respect the wishes of Zimbabwe’s electorate in the face of several fake conspiracies, elite pacts and damascene moments that are being cobbled up by motley crews of ambitious opportunists that sense the impending implosion of the regime that was born out of the infamous November 2017 coup. My perspective is consistent with the Grand National Union concept which some of us, as former Politburo members of ZANU PF, promoted in support of Chamisa prior to the 2018 elections. On the eve of the 2018 election, President Mugabe publicly indicated that he supported and would vote for Chamisa to be President.

A Chamisa Presidency within a ZANU PF legislature provides ideal conditions for the full implementation of the provision of the 2013 Constitution and hence provide an unassailable argument for the removal of sanctions. This is because whilst the presidential election was stolen  through Excelgate, the 2018 election result yielded a parliament that is largely made up of ZANU PF members. Such a result provides the conditions for transitioning the Zimbabwean political environment from its current polarised scenario towards more tolerance; moving from the toxic politics of winner takes all towards developmental politics of inclusion.

I have had conversations with a former ZANU PF cabinet colleague who tried to move me away from overtly supporting Chamisa’s claim to his stolen presidency. He argued that my support for Chamisa would not sit well with ANC and EFF who both honoured President Mugabe’s life at the highest levels. I found such an argument disingenuous given how South Africa’s metropolitan councils are managed through coalitions of EFF with DA, and through partnerships of ANC with IFP, AIC and Patriotic Alliance.

The emergence of hashtag social media movements and registration of briefcase political formation with ZEC focussing on the 2023 presidential election wrongly assumes that Mnangagwa’s regime has legitimacy. Mnangagwa’s regime is illegitimate. The 2018 election was blatantly stolen as proven in Professor Jonathan Moyo’s Excelgate book due to be launched on 12th December 2019. It boggles the mind why anyone in their right state of mind would expect to contest in 2023 and expect to be allowed to dislodge the militarily controlled ZANU PF in the absence of reforms.

Consequently, I am left with no option but to suppose that this flurry of self-serving political posturing is meant to place certain individuals into the positions that get them accommodated into POLAD style optics to lend further “fake legitimacy” into another episode of electoral theft in 2023. Why would anyone who fully subscribes to the tenets of democracy seek to deny Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s victory that was stolen though Excelgate unless of course they are serving the interests on Mnangagwa by seeking to derail the clearly demonstrated electoral theft of the 2018 presidential election?

Asante Sana. Iwe Neni Tine Basa. Umsebenzi lo Umkhulu.

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