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ZANU PF claims Coronavirus is God's revenge for sanctions

I call on Emmerson Mnangagwa to cancel the state’s public gatherings as part of social distancing measures to mitigate the potential effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. ZANU PF National Chairperson and Defence Minister, Oppah Muchinguri, is wrong to claim that the coronavirus is God’s punishment on countries that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa’s second highest ranking public servant, Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, George Charamba is wrong to think that Coronavirus is “disease for the affluent”.

Mnangagwa's Deputy Chief Secretary to President & Cabinet, George Charamba, thinks Coronavirus is a disease for the affluent

Mnangagwa’s Deputy Chief Secretary to President & Cabinet, George Charamba, thinks Coronavirus is a disease for the affluent

Mnangagwa must accept and recognise that Coronavirus principally affects the respiratory system. Coronavirus is largely spread through how people breathe. People get infected by breathing in the virus into their lungs. Once the virus infects a person’s lungs, the virus multiplies inside the infected person’s lungs. The infected person then expels some of the virus from his or her lungs. The virus is then able to infect other people.

It is therefore important that an infected person is enabled to maintain private space around which he or she can breathe alone and not infect others. This simple measure of social distancing forms the basis of how the pandemic is being addressed. Social distancing has taken on various forms from self-isolation to the quarantine and lockdowns effected in China, South Korea, Italy and several other territories.

Public gatherings are factories for manufacturing and multiplying Coronavirus. If you go to a public gathering such as a football match, you go there as a spectator and you risk coming out as a Coronavirus multiplier and spreader. That is why CAF has suspended the AFCON qualifiers. Consequently, in the interest of public health, I call on Mnangagwa to cancel the Independence Celebrations scheduled for Barbourfields Stadium; Barbourfields Stadium is set to become a giant Coronavirus factory.

Independence celebrations at Barbourfields Stadium are likely to be attended by younger and healthier people. They would be exposed for several hours to possible infection with Coronavirus. Although such younger and healthier people would not be as severely affected by Coronavirus as the very young, elderly and more vulnerable, they would however continue to be spreaders of Coronavirus for much longer periods. Given Mnangagwa’s previous Gukurahundi involvement in that region, Mnangagwa risks being accused of engineering another genocide.

Mnangagwa seeks Zhuwao's help & is rejected

Mnangagwa seeks Zhuwao’s help & is rejected

I call on Mnangagwa to cancel the celebrations and use the money as an independence gift to Zimbabweans to better prepare how to defeat Coronavirus. Zimbabwe which has extremely limited Coronavirus testing and treatment available. I hope and pray that Mnangagwa will find the strength to be a bigger person and go beyond his displeasure that I told his emissaries in December 2019 that I am not willing to work for him to stem the political tide that is currently against him.

Asante Sana. Iwe Neni Tine Basa. Umsebenzi lo Umkhulu.

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